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Back Bristol City with +2 AH

Manchester City managed to win the first semifinal match of Carabao Cup against Bristol City with 2:1. Today these two teams will play in the rematch and Bristol City hopes to perform even better and manage to make the biggest upset of the tournament and eliminate the future champion of England. A task which does not seem to be so impossible at first sight. Sergio Aguero – Manchester City’s top striker had to come and save the first match with a late goal which to overcome the efforts made by Bristol City’s players.

Manchester City – Bristol City
The match statistics is definitely in favor for Pep Guardiola’s players as they managed to create 26 goal threats but only six of them were precise shots. A fact which does not speak well for Manchester City’s forwards.

Several things are important to be considered before making a betting prediction for this match. On one hand, Premier League seems to have almost finished in favor of Manchester City, and they also have an easy homecoming match against WBA next Wednesday.

On the other hand, the team will have to play 3 matches within 7 days, with Cardiff match from FA cup on Sunday between these two. This, along with the increased injuries in the team, definitely suggests that Guardiola will have to value these three matches and the one against Bristol City looks to be the least important. In practice, this means we can hardly expect strong pressure and desire for a great victory for the guests in this game, but rather a controlled performance where the most important thing will be to reach the final with as little effort as possible.

That’s why a potential bet for Bristol City to win with an Asian handicap with +2 and odds of 1.7 looks like an excellent betting opportunity.